Far East Smarter Energy and GEIRI North America Sign a Strategic Agreement, Jointly Promoting the Worldwide Sharing of Green Electricity

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  On the afternoon of January 12 (American Time), Jiang Huajun, an investor, Director of Far East Holding Group, Vice President and CEO of Far East Smarter Energy Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as “Smarter Energy”; stock code: 600869), Chen Jing, an investor, Director and COO of Smarter Energy, Zhu Keding, an investor, Vice President and General Manager of Shanghai Intelligence Power Electric Engineering Corporation, Cai Dong, an investor, Director and General Manager of Far East First New Energy Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as “Far East First”), Cheng Ganjiang, Senior Deputy General Manager and CTO of Beijing Semeureka Electrics Co., Ltd., and Wang Fan, an investor, Senior Director of Smarter Energy and Assistant to General Manager of Far East Cable, visited Global Energy Interconnection Research Institute North America (hereinafter referred to as GEIRI North America) affiliated to State Grid in San Jose of Silicon Valley, and they were warmly received by the management and technical teams of GEIRI North America including President Wang Zhiwei, Vice President Li Ning and CTO Dr. Liu Guangyi.


  Far East Smarter Energy exchanging with GEIRI North America

  At the symposium, the two parties conducted detailed technical communication and exchanges on the strategic planning of global energy interconnection, company introduction and future technical cooperation.

  Wang Zhiwei introduced the overall situation of GEIRI North America. CTO Dr. Liu Guangyi introduced graphic calculation and grid modernization, and PM Dr. Shi Di introduced PMU and power system analysis as well as energy storage in microgrids; they both carried out relevant simulation demonstrations on site.

  Jiang Huajun denoted that Far East fully agrees with the strategic thinking of global energy interconnection. He mentioned that since Far East began to manufacture wire and cable products and became a strategic partner of State Grid, till today when it is striving to become a world-leading service provider for smart energy and smart city, and a senior player in global energy Internet, Smarter Energy has always held strategic plans coincident with the connotation of “global energy view” of State Grid. As a practitioner of the development mode of "Internet plus Smart Energy", Smarter Energy started the strategic layout of "Internet plus" and combined the Internet with traditional fields to build a global vertical electrical and electronic e-commerce platform—Trading Pay Network as early as 2010; in the meantime, Far East has successively held shares in Shanghai Intelligence Power, Beijing Semeureka and other companies, to lay out the front links of energy Internet in advance; it also acquired Far East First New Energy, to actively complete its layout in the fields of power battery of new energy vehicles and energy storage. Currently, Far East is strengthening the layout in the mid- and back-end links of energy Internet such as distributed energy, smart microgrids and carbon asset management, so as to further open up the industrial chain of “smarter energy” and create a vast space for growth.

  GEIRI North America and Smarter Energy jointly signed a strategic framework agreement on scientific and technological cooperation based on the consensus reached by both parties on the development of global energy Internet and smart energy technologies. According to the agreement, both parties will abide by the principle of “internationalization, equality, mutual benefit, complementary advantage and common development”, give full play to their respective advantages in technology and resources, expand the fields and mechanisms for cooperation between the two parties, build long-term strategic partnership, pool efforts to promote scientific and technological cooperation, work together to promote the in-depth combination of cutting-edge technologies of global energy Internet and smart energy industry, realize the transformation of outstanding overseas scientific and technological achievements, and create a gathering place for international high-end scientific and technological talents, thus achieving coordinated development of the two parties.


  Two parties signing a strategic cooperation agreement

  Energy Internet is breeding a large number of new business forms and models, booming the strategic emerging industries such as new energy, new materials, intelligent manufacturing and electric vehicles, and becoming a powerful engine to promote global economic development, structural adjustments and industrial upgrading. Smarter Energy will seize this opportunity for development, and combine technology closely with user engineering, to promote the organic combination of advanced cutting-edge technologies of smart energy and smart grids in user engineering projects and the implementation of projects, and create demonstration projects of smart energy.


  President Wang Zhiwei introducing GEIRI North America


  Jiang Huajun introducing the strategic layout of Smarter Energy in the fields of power and energy

  During the visit to the US, the leaders of Smarter Energy were invited to participate in the “Northern California Chinese Energy Workers’ Meeting for Technical Exchanges” jointly held by GEIRI North America and Chinese Society for Electrical Engineering North America Chapter (hereinafter referred to as “CSEE North America Chapter”), where they learned about the advanced power and energy technology of Silicon Valley and sought cooperation with North American energy associations. As a special guest, Jiang Huajun delivered a speech on the strategic layout of Smarter Energy in the fields of power and energy, and exchanged opinions with representatives participating in the meeting from California Energy Commission (CEC), California Public Utilities Commission (CPUC), California Independent System Operator (CAISO), PG&E (the largest power generation company in California) and other organizations.

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