Jiang Xipei: The “Golden Era” for Sino-British Relations Contains Unlimited Opportunities

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  On February 2, the "China-UK Business Forum", organized by China Entrepreneur Club, was held in Shanghai. As a director of China Entrepreneur Club, Jiang Xipei, Founder and Chairman of the Board of Far East Holding Group, attended the forum and communicated with British Prime Minister, Ms. Theresa May, face to face during the closed-door meeting and luncheon.


  Before the forum began, presided by Ma Yun, Chairman of China Entrepreneur Club and Chairman of the Board of 阿里巴巴 Group, Ms. Theresa May and the directors of China Entrepreneur Club, conducted in-depth exchanges on promoting China-UK financial development and infrastructure investment, as well as stimulating China-UK cultural communication and promotion.


  She mentioned that, it was the cooperation between Chinese and British enterprises that had jointly created a golden era for bilateral ties. The UK is a very good partner. AI, electric vehicles, energy, creative industry, etc. are all UK"s competitive industries. She expected that in the future, Chinese companies could strengthen cooperation with the UK in these fields.

  Jiang Xipei said, China Entrepreneur Club organized international visits every year, which were warmly welcomed by state leaders, enterprise and business associations, and enterprise leaders in those destination countries. They also have frequent practical communication involving a wide range of topics such as global governance, global economy, industrial development, environmental improvement, AI, infrastructure, Internet, and Internet of Things. At present, more and more private enterprises of China invest in foreign countries. Ma Yun, Chairman of the Board of 阿里巴巴 Group, Li Shufu, Chairman of Geely Holding Group, Guo Guangchang, Chairman of Fosun Group, and other members of this club, all have experience of investing in or cooperating with the UK.

  In addition to the Detroit Electric Vehicles project in cooperation with the UK-based century-old vehicle brand—Detroit Electric, investment banks in the UK have also recommended high-quality investment and M&A projects to Far East Holding Group.

  Jiang Xipei noted that such strong leaders as President Xi Jinping and Her Excellency Theresa May would endow this era with plenty of imagination, charm and opportunities. General Secretary Xi Jinping"s concept of “global community of common destiny” and the national “Belt and Road” Initiative have sketched a beautiful blueprint for China, and have led us into a wonderful era. These value ideas and development strategies are consistent with the world, the laws, and the aspirations of the people. China should also make more contributions to the world and the people, which is a bounden duty of entrepreneurs. We hope that China will have favorable cooperation with the US, EU, and the countries involved in the “Belt and Road” Initiative, so as to realize mutual benefits and win-win situation, and we will also take this opportunity to learn from more foreign benchmarking enterprises.


  He emphasized that in the future, Far East will also focus on corporate resources, closely follow national strategies, seize the opportunities of transformation and upgrading in smart industry and advanced manufacturing industry, and further strengthen international cooperation, thus accelerating the process of internationalization, and promoting Chinese enterprises to go global.

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