Special Valentine’s Day: Clear Integrity and Conscience Enlightened Cultivation

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  On February 14, 2019 Annual Meeting of Far East Holding Group and 2018 “Person of the Year” Award Ceremony of “Heart Linked to Heart for the Future” kicked off. On the ceremony, Zhiliangzhi Study Session themed as “Clear Integrity and Conscience and Enlightened Cultivation” was solemnly held. Nearly 1,000 employees, including middle and senior managers, marketing elites and advanced staff representatives of the group and its subsidiaries, gathered together at Poly Theatre in Yixing to share the feast.

  All the attendees sang the national anthem and learnt General Secretary Xi Jinping’s greeting speech. At the beginning of the meeting, Jiang Xipei, the founder, Chairman of the Board and Secretary of Party Committee of Far East Holding Group, Zhang Xilan, Vice Chairman of the Board, Executive Deputy Secretary of Party Committee, Chief Executive Officer, Jiang Chengzhi, Member of the Board, Deputy Secretary of Party Committee, Chairman of Far East Smarter Energy Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as “Smarter Energy”, stock code: 600869) and other leaders sang the national anthem together with the attendees, then, they watched and learned the video of General Secretary Xi Jinping’s 2019 New Year’s greetings.



  All the attendees sing the national anthem


  Guo xiaoheng, General Manager of Smarter Energy Supply Chain Center, hosts the meeting


  All the attendees watch and learn the video of General Secretary Xi Jinping’s 2019 New Year’s greetings

  Grasp macro economy and analysis situation and countermeasures. Professor Ji Keren, distinguished professor of Tsinghua University, Peking University and other universities, delivered a report on Research and Assessment of Macro Economic Situation and Future Development Under the New Economy at the meeting. He had also been invited by University of Cambridge as a lecturer, and billed as one of the Influential Figures in China’s Financial Management over the Decade (Award was given at the Great Hall of the People). Combined with a series of empirical data, he made an in-depth and detailed analysis of the macroeconomic trend, especially, a detailed interpretation of the cable industry and smart energy industry. Professor Ji believed that in 2019, there would be changes amid overall stability of China’s economy. The internal and external pressure would not be reduced, and the downside risks would remain. As for the future outlook, the key phrases would be “enterprises in industrial segmentation (deeper and stronger)”, “positioning and promotion of enterprise projects”, “the rapid development of multi-layered capital market”, “the rise of professional managers”, “Consumer personalized product customization + follow-up value-added services”, “the road of entity + finance”.


  Professor Ji delivers a report on

  Research and Assessment of Macro Economic Situation and Future Development Under the New Economy

  Understand the Strategy of Spring and figure out what life is all about. At the meeting, attendees watched the speech video Strategy of Spring by Bai Lixin, the founder of Zhiliangzhi Courtyard. Teacher Bai Lixin elaborated the major strategy, major truth, major value and major secret of life, and he pointed out, only through the ice and snow could we cherish the beauty of spring, only by witnessing the truth of spring could we understand the truth of spring, only by understanding spring, summer, autumn and winter could we believe in the necessity of spring and only by cultivating ten thousand acres of fertile farmlands could we figure out the secret of spring.


  Attendees watch the speech video Strategy of Spring by Bai Lixin

  Build the most beautiful family and embrace happiness after learning. Teacher Liu Fang, the initiator of Zhiliangzhi Women’s College and lifelong volunteer of Zhiliangzhi Courtyard proposed to ensure the construction of the most beautiful family under the “Five One” Project, that was, a lesson for a day, a class for a week, an offline activity for a month, a summary meeting for a season and a commendation conference for a year. Teacher Liu Fang expressed that, the real success was to achieve the goal in accordance with the Taoism with a sound mind, and have a happy, comfortable and complete consciousness of life.


  Teacher Liu Fang shares her ideas of Build the Most Beautiful Family

  Ten key points for “understanding the mind” “purify heart” and Four-method-based Learning helps you to have a great career. Zhang Liping, Secretary General of Zhiliangzhi Courtyard, shared Four-method-based Learning: Practice and Perception of the Quartet and elaborated ten key points for “understanding the mind”, “purify heart” which included introspection, guidance, understanding the great times, action and reaction, thoughts of sages and men of virtue, true success, building yourself, making others great, understanding and experiencing the infinite treasure in your heart, and contemplating. Finally, we could influence others with our own spiritual quality and make a contribution to the rejuvenation of Chinese nation!


  Attendees watch and learn the speech video of Teacher Zhang Liping

  Four-method-based Learning: Practice and Perception of the Quartet

  Share the learning experience and perceptions and work together to light up our hearts. In the following Zhiliangzhi sharing session, Jiang Chenghong, Member of the Board, Founder and CEO of Beijing Linyun Information Technology Co., Ltd., Zhu Changbiao, Member of CPC Committee of the Group, Director and Deputy General Manager of Far East Cable Indurstry and Executive General Manager of Anhui Cable Co., Ltd., Wu Songjian, Director and General Manager of Far East First New Energy Jiangsu Co., Ltd., Zhuang Taiwei, Chief Administrative Officer of the Group and Executive Headmaster of Far East University, Zhou Liping, Li Lin, Senior Directors of Far East cable industry and General Manager Assistants of Far East Cable, Tao Cunshu, General Manager of human resources center of Smarter Energy and Senior Directors of Far East cable industry, Zhu Bing, Senior Marketing Director of Smarter Energy and General Manager Assistant of Far East Cable, Zhao Bo, Deputy Marketing Director of Smarter Energy and Senior Marketing Director of Far East Cable and Pan Xiaolu, Marketing Director of Smarter Energy and Senior Director of Far East Cable shared their opinions respectively, and some of the students of Zhiliangzhi Courtyard carried out an energetic and warm recitation performance Lighting the Heart Lamp, which aroused strong resonance and applause from the attendees.

  Members of Class for Presidents from Zhiliangzhi Courtyard deliver speeches


  Jiang Chenghong gives a speech

  Jiang Chenghong said, if one didn’t set up his ambition, he would not succeed in anything. Persistence was the only shortcut to achieving ambition. After participating in Zhiliangzhi Study Session, he made a lifelong ambition, that was, to join hands with sages and men of virtue and learn from Wang Yangming to find the value and meaning of life. He expressed that while cultivating sound mind of ourselves, we should also influence people around us and make them great.


  Zhu Changbiao gives a speech

  Zhu Changbiao shared cases in life and work, and said that we should believe in the power of introspection. The deeper the introspection, the more thorough change would be made. We should also believe in the power of working together with one heart, the more in the heart, the greater the harvest would be! Administrators should be brave enough to embrace responsibility with passion and be strict in management. Meanwhile, they should cultivate good relationships with the employees, and ignite their enthusiasm and confidence with sincerity. He believed that if administrators really kept customers and employees in mind, they would be able to get lots of positive response.


  Wu Songjian gives a speech

  Wu Songjian shared that his attitude in learning at Zhiliangzhi Courtyard has changed from confused to be convinced. The study emphasized the unity of knowledge and action. “Action comes from precise study, knowledge comes from wise actions” Sincere heart was invincible, and quietness was the right way to govern the world. The development of an enterprise depended not only on hard work and loyalty, but also on wisdom.

  Members of 3.0 Project deliver speeches


  Zhuang Taiwei gives a speech

  Focusing on “heart capital”, Zhuang Taiwei integrated the study at Zhiliangzhi Courtyard with the executive level of enterprise development management, and described his experience of studying, and shared the 3.0 Strategy of Far East University, brand and enterprise culture construction. He said, the most direct and simple path to be successful in 3.0 version of life, family and career was to join hand with saints, cultivate spiritual quality, improve the pattern, vision and insight, so that the mind would be more open and life better.


  Zhou Liping gives a speech

  Zhou Liping expressed that the learning experience at Zhiliangzhi Courtyard was from disapproval, skepticism to complete belief. Then, she would make efforts to build the most beautiful family, work together with Far East and our motherland, and make her own contribution to building a “community with a shared future for mankind”! In her speech, she showed her gratitude to her family for their silent protection and warmth. She also pointed out that “good deeds will be rewarded” and every ordinary change may change your life.


  Li Lin gives a speech

  Li Lin summarized his learning at Zhiliangzhi Courtyard with three words, “believing, introspection, gratitude”. He said that the essence of 3.0 Strategy was the nature expression of the will of employees. It’s always been there. Believing was a kind of wisdom; it was the most difficult thing and the easiest thing. Everyone could make it happen if they want. Introspection was a virtue whose essence was to establish a correct standard for one to tell right from wrong. It allowed you to really understand yourself and others better; gratitude was the most valuable possession, enabling you to have great energy.


  Tao Cunshu gives a speech

  Tao Cunshu expressed that great enterprises developed with the trend of the times and gained trust from customers by deeply understanding their needs. Never be satisfied with the upgrading of technologies and aimed for the highest in the profit-seeking society; for an individual, it was necessary to constantly improve self-cultivation, enhance the pattern and vision, and always felt grateful; in the implementation of 3.0 Strategy, Tao Cunshu’s perception was to use a clean heart to perceive the desire of customers and employees, have an insight into customer needs, and identify and authorize the real virtuous people.

  Members of Future Star deliver speeches


  Zhu Bing gives a speech

  By sharing his own working experience, Zhu Bing said that with the expectation of breaking through the bottleneck, he participated in the study sincerely and he had learned that the heart was the source of everything, and that the real achievement was to have a closer relationship with others. If we listened to the heart of our customers and helped them solve their problems, they would treat us like friends. To influence others with your own spiritual quality was the greatest honor of being a member of Far East.


  Zhao Bo gives a speech

  Zhao Bo said that the learning session had helped him define his life goals, that was to be a strong support for the family and the working team, and follow the trend of Far East and under the leadership of Chairman Jiang to contribute to making Far East a great centennial Chinese private enterprise!


  Pan Xiaolu gives a speech

  Pan Xiaolu said that complaining was the worst behavior of a person. Complaining means you were pushing your problems and responsibilities to others. It was the autonarcosis of the cowardly and incompetent, the result of which was complacency, ignorance and backwardness. She believed that conscience should follow the Natural Law and uncertainty was the root of the problem. All things that were complicated in the eyes of common people were in good order in the eyes of saints. However, the more clearly she knew who she was, the more frightened she would be. And she could felt the bigger responsibility. She had to take on the responsibility right away.


  Lighting the Heart Lamp

  “Clear Integrity and Conscience and Enlightened Cultivation”. Living in the great era of cultural confidence and facing the bright future of national rejuvenation, Far East dreamers will join hands with saints and run with the dream, keep pace with the times and the country, draw magnificent pictures of achievements and write brilliant chapters of development, and achieve the goal of being a great enterprise 3.0!

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