Far East’s Long-Life Insulated Wire Brings Us the New Definition of Happiness

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  Smart architecture is becoming the main trend of the globe; the two “key arteries” related to the safety and lifetime of the architecture are cables and wires. To ensure the excellent quality of smart architectures, the three main properties of Far East’s insulated wire is safe, environmental and energy-saving that fulfills the requirements of JG/T 441-2014 Irradiation Crosslinking Low Smoke Halogen-Free Flame Retardant Wires with Double-Layer Extrusion Insulation of Rated Voltage Up to and Including 450/750V. Currently, Far East’s insulated wires are widely applied to factories, office buildings, residential buildings, and large scale business models with high ratings from the public.


  One main cause of electric fire is the short-circuit; the other raising issue is the aging of circuit that is about 32.63 percent of all the causes. The average service life of the insulated wire in the market is from 20 to 30 years. Unsafe factors may cause the aging of the insulator includes long service time, corrosion of the humidity and other external factors.

  Aiming for the best quality in the market, Far East’s smart architecture has the leading position by using insulated wire with the innovative double co-extrusion design of insulation structure to add more protective assurance.

  Made of environmental-friendly material, advantages of Far East’s insulated wire are durability, aging resistance, high temperature resistance, fire-retardation and environmental protection. Far East’s insulated wire’s estimated service time can be up to 75.5 years under the high temperature of 82 degrees, according to the experiment by Chinese National Centre for Quality Supervision and Test of Electric Wire and Cable.

  To better solve the common issues of traditional wire (too many cable connectors and the short length), Far East has improved its manufacturing in 3 ways: 1. Enough length 2. No cable connectors 3. Enough section area. Far East will continue to fulfil the up-to-date demands of the developing smart architecture industry with its absolute safe insulated wire.


  Studies have shown that the spreading speed of smoke is more than 5 times of the fire, and the energy generated is more than 5-6 times of the fire. The flow of smoke is actually the way for the fire to spread, and the dense smoke with extremely high temperature could form raging fire in 2 minutes. All kinds of harmful gases in the smoke can make people breathe hard and even suffocate. The damage caused by the smoke and harmful gases in the fire is much worse than that of burns.

  In the research and development of long-life insulated wire and related products, Far East pays attention to the environmental performance of the product, choosing the green insulator with the characters of LSZH, low toxicity and high light transmission. The wire won’t produce heavy black smoke which is convenient for people to identify the direction and to effectively avoid the secondary damage caused by the fire of toxic gas and dense smoke.

  In addition, the insulation material does not contain lead, cadmium and other harmful heavy metals to the human body. Its use and treatment won’t generate any pollution to the soil and water, adhering to the people-oriented and the concept of sustainable development.


  As the transmitter of electricity, the conductor of wire or cable is one of the important factors to determine its performance. Far East long-life insulated wires use highly purified oxygen-free copper as conductor, which boast good suppleness, low resistance, and low power loss. In that way, electricity wastage due to resistance is reduced and better conservation is achieved.

  Far East’s strict quality management starts from the source. With conductor from famous supplier all of China, Far East has premium copper wire of high purity and low resistance. In addition, intelligent production ensures better quality control based on high-quality raw material, thus all products meet high standards and have steady performance.

  More and more national businesses manifest themselves in light of brand building and optimized products. As a leading player in wire and cable industry, Far East Holding Group Co.,Ltd has also made fruitful achievement in abreast with time. There is a promising future in sight.

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