Get to know Jinghangan, find out how they could do excellent projects

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There is a team, they are everywhere but always stick to the same belief.

There is a team, they are always on the road, but they never forget where they belong to.

There is a team, they frequently face the harsh environment, but they have never been defeated.

The team is called Jinghangan, a member of Far East Smarter Energy Co. LTD.

More than half of the team members are from the military. The perennial military career makes each of them a real soldier, which casts the soul of Jinghangan.

With the tenacity, they win a good reputation for Jinghangan

Each year, more than 300 professional and technical personnel undertake at least dozens of projects, from Shanghai, Yunnan, Xinjiang, Liaoning and other regions to Angola, Zambia, Maldives and other countries, Jinghanan can be seen everywhere in the airport projects.

Due to the particularity of the engineering company, engineers are responsible for the whole project department from technical design, project progress, quality control, personnel management and a series of work. Each member of the team is an experienced "all-rounder".

Since the projects are located in different parts of the world, Jinghanan has to face some severe challenges.

In the Juba International Airport project in South Sudan, the Jinghangan team not only sped up the project but also overcame the harsh living conditions in the local area and various threats brought by the spread of the war. Jinghangan team managed to complete the construction task despite the bullets.

Not only Angola's New Luanda airport project, Maldives Vilana, Zambia Ndola, Nepal Pokhara, Vanuatu Port Vila and many other overseas projects, Jinghangan team has travelled overseas to overcome many difficulties, such as language barriers, cultural differences, harsh weather, social unrest, etc. With perseverance, they spread the ultimate ingenuity spirit of Jinghangan all over the world and build up a well-known brand of Jinghangan internationally.

Airport construction has high technical requirements and great construction difficulties. From the beginning to the completion of the project construction, it may take at least a few months or even several years. Jinghangan team participates in the construction process of one airport from scratch, witnessing a set of aeroplanes soaring into the sky.

They have the power to create the speed of Jinghangan

Many projects undertaken by Jinghangan are of great difficulty and tight construction period. Regardless of the complex terrain conditions, or the changing climate environment, or is the technical difficulties that need to be overcome, the challenges are surmountable in front of the Jinghangan team.

In the project of Guangxi Yulin Fumian Airport, Jinghangan overcame adverse factors such as high incidence of thunderstorms, complex terrain and others, and raced against time to catch up with the construction schedule and recover the time delayed by the epidemic. It took them four months to complete the construction and acceptance of the project, six days to pass a one-off industry acceptance. The speed of Jinghangan that can be called the miracle in the industry has laid a solid foundation for the smooth navigation of Guangxi Yulin Fumian Airport.

High terrain and changeable climate in Yushu, Qinghai brought great difficulty to the construction. To complete the reconstruction and expansion project of the airport with the highest altitude in Qinghai Province as soon as possible and help improve the operational support capacity of the airport, Jinghangan team are pushing forward the construction of the project at the altitude of more than 4000 meters, risking much higher than normal level of solar radiation to catch up with the schedule.

Among the projects undertaken, Jinghangan team has created miracles and set new records again and again, and become pioneers in building interconnected air routes.

They are striving to show the ingenuity of Jinghangan

Speaking of Jinghagnan, it's worth mentioning its management idea of "become an integrity enterprise, create excellent projects". each project undertaken by Jinghangan is a high-quality one.

The customer trust and reputation are inseparable from the Jinghangan's insistence on creating high-quality projects. Jinghangan staff will not let go of any problem in the construction of the project, even if there are slight defects in the drawings, they will consult a large number of materials, repeatedly study industry standards, and strive to come up with a perfect construction plan.

To the Jinghangan team, every light, every wire and even every screw in the equipment plays a vital role in the actual operation of the airport. It is a matter of great importance to airport security. There is absolutely no room for any sloppiness.

About Chengdu Tianfu International Airport project, Jinghangan team held thematic meetings with Party A for many times to discuss solutions. At the same time, they also strictly inspect the construction site to ensure that construction standards are strictly followed.

Over the past 20 years since its establishment, Jinghangan has participated in over 600 projects of more than 160 military and civil airports, contributing a lot to the airport construction industry and regional development. Letters of thanks from Juba International Airport of South Sudan, Roberts International Airport of Liberia, Luanda New International Airport of Angola, Chengdu Tianfu International Airport of Sichuan poured in, which is the most significant affirmation and award to Jinghanan.

This is the Jinghangan. A team adheres to the ultimate craftsmanship and the perfect projects.

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