Why is the High-Tension Wire Non-insulated?

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Different from the normal cable in our life, this kind of cable has no protection from the Insulation layer. Why can this kind of cable be "naked?"

We need to know the function of the "cloth" of the cable first. The specific layer's name is called the "insulation skin," which creates a protective boundary between the human body and the metal conductor to prevent the electroshock.

The "insulation skin" can be operated under multiple circumstances with ultraviolet-resistant, anti-ageing, and hydrophobic properties.

What is the Difference Between the "Naked Cable" and Other Cables "with Clothes?"

There are two types of power tool transmission sequence used for the electric power system: an aerial circuit commonly made of non-insulated cable hang on the pole turret. The other one is the power cable made from the special manufacturing process.

Aerial circuit: non-insulation

Advantage: low cost

Disadvantage: needs more land sources

Normal power cable: uses the insulating medium to isolate the metallic conductor and the external.

Advantage: need fewer land sources

Disadvantage: the high cost

The aerial circuit has higher safety with less fault rate.,

Why Not Using "the Non-insulated Skin?"

The most common transmission voltage of high voltage transmission line is above 10kV; some may reach 100kV and 500kV. The insulation layer for common cable is not compatible enough for the high voltage transmission requirement.

Low Heat Dissipation Performance: the heat dissipation performance may be affected

The cost goes up with the increasing weight of the "insulation layer;" the overall weight of the transmission line increases.

Is the "Naked Cable" Safe?

According to the technical specifications of China, the erection of the high-voltage transmission line must be at least from a few meters to even tens of meters from the ground and buildings.

The aerial circuit manufactured by Far East has been applied to various projects including the State Grid Changji-Guquan 1100KV UHVDC Transmission Line Project and Qinghai-Henan 800KV UHVDC Transmission Line Project, further accelerating the economic development of these regions.

What Happens If Bare High Voltage Wire Brakes, Fall on the Ground or Architecture?

The electric power department has high requirements on the erection technique, normal operation and wire strength.

The Importance to Choose Products with Excellent Quality

With over 35 years' exploration in the cable industry, Far East Cable Co., Ltd has a rich experience in product research and engineering cases. Far East developed the new energy-saving overhead power line. It became one of the main suppliers for the State Grid Corporation of China, further accelerating the completion of multiple national projects. 

With the perfection of the power system, the safety of the "naked hanging cable" is guaranteed if the right cable product is chosen.

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