Far East Cable Highlights the Concept of Quality Safety in its Business Management

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    March 15 of 2017 marks the 35th International Day for Protecting Consumers’ Rights and Interests. As quality remains as the most important part of World Consumer Rights Day, please follow us to visit Far East Cable Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as Far East Cable), subsidiary of Far East Smarter Energy Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as Smarter Energy, stock code: 600869), and explore the secrets of the high-quality products produced by this leading enterprise of China’s wire and cable manufacturing industry over more than 30 years.

    Quality, the Most Important Part of Product

    Far East Cable is the well-known brand in the wire and cable industry, and its staff always adheres to the principle of recognizing quality as the most important part of the product.

    “Quality is the core of competition”, “Adhere to the principle of customer-oriented and produce high-quality products”... Such slogans can be seen everywhere in Far East Cable, in the factory, workshop, dressing room even restroom. Different types of raw materials and finished products are displayed orderly in Science Museum of Smart Energy, as well as numerous awards such as “China Quality Award”, “China Quality Trustworthy Products”, “China Demonstration Enterprises for High-quality Product and Integrity Service”, “China Quality Leading Brands of Wire and Cable Industry” and “China Machine Building Quality Award”.

    Jiang Xipei, founder, Chairman of the Board and Secretary of the CPC Committee of Far East Holding Group Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as Far East), emphasized in the annual report of 2017 that “as long as staff of Far East advocate the development idea of safety, green, environmental protection, high quality, excellent brand and sustainable development and adhere to the concept of customer-oriented, we will be able to provide unexpected good products to customers and achieve the common ideal of Far East”.

     Quality Culture of Far East: Enjoy High Quality and Share the Future

    Since 2012, positioned on the unique culture of “enjoying high quality and sharing the future” and adhering to the concept of “three high-quality things, i.e. raw material, technology and service, and three ideals, i.e. co-innovation, sharing and mutual development”, Far East Cable is pursuing the target of “zero defect, zero complaint, zero error and zero rework” of products and services and the goal of “Five Satisfactions, i.e. satisfying customers, staff, shareholders, governments and the society”.

    As for “high-quality raw material”, Far East Cable strictly selects strategic suppliers, establishes strategic partnership with top three raw material suppliers who recognize the culture and concept of Far East and forms raw material dynamic tracking mechanism and supplier quality evaluation mechanism, obsoleting unqualified suppliers. As for “excellent technology”, Far East Cable combines the recruitment of high-level talents with the development of actual research based on National-recognized Enterprise Technology Center, Far East Holding Group Postdoctoral Workstation and Far East Holding Group Co., Ltd. Academician Expert Workstation, becoming the leader of wire and cable industry in terms of technology strength and R & D strength. As for “high-quality service”, Far East Cable establishes sales service system with largest scale and most widely coverage in China, and forms three-level vertical five-star after-sales service assessment system through Technical Service Department, Exclusive Shop and Manager of Marketing Department of Far East Cable to attract more customers and build a healthy business environment based on the mutual trust between enterprise and customers.

     Steady Six Sigma Quality Management Model

    Far East Cable not only has a sound ISO quality management system, but also actively implements performance excellence model and lean production management and forms a “steady six sigma quality management model based on QFD and Taguchi Methods” through exploration, sum-up and refining. Besides, Far East Cable features its improved energy transfer model with the organic integration of three most representative tools for quality management of the eastern and western countries, achieving harmonious win-win cooperation with flexibility.

    According to the statistics, Far East Cable has completed over 300 projects for quality control improvement and over 2,000 projects for start-up cleaner production improvement, and has obtained 22 external honors through quality control group and 11 external honors through Steady Six Sigma Model in recent three years.

    After the implementation of Steady Six Sigma Quality Management Model, Far East Cable has achieved remarkable results in such aspects as economic benefit, social benefit, management benefit and talent cultivation. It has created a direct economic benefit of over RMB 30 million, solved many problems of the industry and strengthened its capability of cooperating with transnational corporations like GE, Siemens and Acciona Energy. Meanwhile, it helped the company to establish the management system based on data and facts and the six sigma culture featuring continuous improvement and innovation, and has wined numerous awards, such as “China’s Innovation Models for Equipment” issued by China Machinery Industry Federation.

     Pioneer for the Establishment of Intelligent MES for Quality Product  

    As the first enterprise building Intelligent MES for Quality Product in the industry, Far East Cable implements the quality traceability system through QR code, automatic collection of technological parameter and on-line monitoring of the whole production process. Far East Cable is also the pioneer for the establishment of “quality supervision” and “supervision reminder for bidding activities” and shoulders quality responsibility actively, becoming an integrity model of China’s wire and cable industry.

      Far East Cable pays attention to the management of quality, technology and brand to become a winner in intense market competition at home and abroad as well as a century-old enterprise. Adhering to the mission of “creating value and serving the society”, Far East Cable will keep its commitment of quality credit and actively implement the strategy of “strengthening the country through quality awareness and developing the country through brand building” to constantly improve the quality of product and service, lay a solid foundation for the development of quality credit system, create a brand with high-quality wire and cable products, provide customers with the best product and service and make contribution to the sustainable and healthy development of wire and cable industry.

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