Far East was invited to participate in Indonesia International Coil and Cable Exhibition, showing its brand strengths

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    The Indonesian International Coil and Cable Exhibition kicked off on May 3 to 5 in Jakarta. Far East Cable Co., Ltd.(Far East), the wholly-owned subsidiary of Far East Smarter Energy Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as “Smarter Energy”, stock code: 600869) was invited to participate in the Exhibition with a multitude of products, showing its brand strengths in extra-high voltage, medium-voltage, low-voltage cables and photovoltaic cables, further expanding the international market. Wang Fan, an investor, Director of Smart Energy and General Manager of International Business Center, Liu Wenbin, an investor, Director Assistant of No.2 Department of International Business, Huang Mengyao and Wang Tiehu, International Marketing Manager of No.2 Department of International Business participated in the exhibition.


  The Far East team at the exhibition

  At the exhibition, cable products displayed by Far East and the Smart Energy industry chain service pulled the eyes of customers from all over the world, bringing about on-site exchanges between them. A wide range of products were exhibited at the exhibition covering from low-voltage, medium-voltage even to the extra-high-voltage cables, and from ordinary power cables to photovoltaic cables. The various products of Far East promote the development of smart grid, clean energy and smart building, showing its tremendous strengths.

  The PV1-F-1X25, photovoltaic DC special cable, for this exhibition has been obtained the certificate of TÜV Rheinland. The operating temperature of the cable is from - 40°C to + 12°C. The maximum temperature of the conductor within 5 seconds of short circuit does not exceed 200°C. Compared with ordinary cables, it can withstand a larger range of temperature changes. At the same time, it has excellent performances including halogen-free flame retardant, UV radiation resistance, ozone corrosion resistance and acid and alkali resistance, which can protect the normal operation of clean energy equipment.

  In the smart grid field, the research and development team of the Far East cable technology research institute innovates and develops many kinds of products, which are suitable for various extreme climates and meet different power transmission and distribution requirements in different regions. The products have excellent performances in sag, current carrying capacity, corrosion resistance and energy consumption reduction. Among them, the rated voltage 127/ 220kV XLPE power cable exhibited has excellent performance and reliable quality, which is applicable to high-voltage and ultra-high-voltage main lines and 220kV and above power transmission. The “Far East” has become a synonym for high quality, providing support for global energy balance and long-distance power transmission and transformation.


  The Far East’s exhibition

  The opening of the annual Indonesia International Coil and Cable Exhibition has attracted many outstanding international enterprises. Indonesia, as a comprehensive strategic partner of China, is growing at a slower rate than China and India. However, as the largest country in Southeast Asia and the largest economy, Indonesia has a relatively low electricity penetration rate, but an increasing demand for electricity and abundant water resources, which has an edge on vigorously developing hydropower. Numerous data show that Indonesia has become an important development market in clean energy and smart grid. Far East accurately grasps the market opportunity, reaches out to the entire Southeast Asian market as the core of Indonesia, pushes the Far East"s cable and smart energy industry chain to the world stage and takes an important step to further build a well-known international enterprise.

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