Jiang Xipei Invited to Attend 2018 International Advertising & Branding Conference and Share Far East Experience

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   2018 International Advertising and Branding Conference was held on June 2 at Far East Lecture Hall of School of Business at Jiangnan University, Wuxi, China. About 300 people attended including Wuxi’s Deputy Mayor Gao Yaguang, Jiangnan University (JNU) Vice-president Wu Zhengguo, Teng Lefa, Dean of School of Business, JNU, Dr. Charles R. Taylor, Editor-in-Chief of International Journal of Advertising, UNC Kenan-Flagler professor Dr. Jan-Benedict Steenkamp and other government leaders, domestic and foreign experts, scholars, entrepreneurs and students.

  The conference, sponsored by International Journal of Advertising, focuses on the hot issues of advertising, marketing and brand management in business and academic circles from the academic perspective. Jiang Xipei, Founder, Chairman of the Board and Secretary of Party Committee of Far East Holding Group attended the conference and gave a keynote speech on Far East Branding. Later he attended a round table forum.

  At the opening ceremony, Deputy Mayor Gao Yaguang introduced Wuxi’s economic achievements in recent years. Wuxi is the birthplace of China"s industry and commerce, an important base of modern industry and a city known for innovation and entrepreneurship. Wuxi has further implemented the innovation-driven development strategy and industrial leading strategy, making satisfying results in economic and social development. In 2017, Wuxi was ranked one of the 14 domestic cities whose GDP exceeded RMB 1 trillion and was the smallest and least populated city among them. Wuxi was ranked 54th in the global economic size before Kuwait. Its GDP per head was ranked 3rd at home with overall strength and competitiveness ranking top among the cities of its kind in China.


  Deputy Mayor Gao Yaguang made the opening speech

  Gao said that accelerating brand development is the only way to promote Wuxi’s economic development as well as an objective requirement of people’s new expectations for a better life, and an all-win choice improving global consumer benefits. In recent years, Wuxi has vigorously promoted brand building and development. It has comprehensively strengthened brand creation, management, application and protection to achieve the high-end orientation, industrialization, intensification, centralization and internationalization of Wuxi’s brands, receiving 2017 China Trademark Awards and Gold Wind Award honoring the brand construction in Jiangsu. Wuxi featuring advertising industry clusters spares no effort to promote the construction and development of Wuxi Advertising Industry Park, home to 526 advertising and related companies. The park’s advertising revenue exceeded RMB 14.2 billion in 2017 and was selected as the first batch of provincial Internet industry parks and a provincial e-commerce demonstration base.


  Jiang Xipei gave a keynote speech on Far East Branding

  As the first keynote speaker at the conference, Jiang Xipei gave a speech on Far East Branding. He shared Far East"s practice and experience in brand construction, corporate culture, brand opportunities and future challenges. According to his speech, Far East is the first domestic private enterprise establishing the system of Chief Brand Officer and features a brand management system consisting of “Comprehensive Brand Management” and “Three Qualities and Four Indicators”. Comprehensive Brand Management is the scientific and artistic development of brand building involving whole process and the enterprise, all staff and all indicators. Three qualities are quality, character and taste, including corporate brand, product brand and personal brand. Far East builds product brand with excellent quality, driving the development of corporate and entrepreneur brands which later stimulate the development of product brands and sales of serial products, effectively realizing the mutual promotion of corporate brand, entrepreneur brand and product brand with good communication effects. The brand value of Far East Holding Group topped RMB 45.79 billion in 2017.

  As for the future brand opportunities, Jiang said that China offers huge institutional dividend, policy dividend, quality dividend and brand dividend, which will bring new opportunities for the brand development of Chinese enterprises and help them reach a new level considering the smile curve of profits, the demand for brand power when supply exceeds demand, and the implementation of China’s brand strategy.

  He also pointed out two challenges of future brand construction. One is how to become the top 20% and even the first brand in the industry. The other is how to deal with the difficulties in technological innovation, institutional culture, product barriers and the lack of marketing capability during the internationalization of Chinese brands.

  At the round table forum, Jiang Xipei discussed with Dr. Charles R. Taylor, Dr. Jan-Benedict Steenkamp, He Yuqiang, Chairman of Beijing Jamewish Brand Marketing Consultant Co., Ltd. and Shen Yi, founder of W.M.T. Advertising Group on topics such as “New Communication Mode of Digital Advertising” and “corporate branding under the background of digitalization and consumption upgrading”.


  Jiangnan University Vice-president Wu Zhengguo gave a speech


  Dean of JNU School of Business Teng Lefa gave a speech


  Jiang Xipei at round table forum


  Group photo (Jiang Xipei, third from left)


  Conference group photo

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