Smarter Energy and Three Plus One Group Signed Strategic Cooperation Agreement

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  On June 6, the strategic cooperation signing ceremony of Far East Smarter Energy Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as "Smarter Energy", stock code: 600869) and Three Plus One Group Holdings Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as “Three Plus One Group”) was held in Shenzhen.

  Chen Jing, an investor, Director and COO of Smarter Energy, as well as Director and Executive General Manager of Far East Cable Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as “Far East Cable”), Ma Yueqin, an investor, Senior Director of Smarter Energy and General Manager Assistant and Senior Director of Far East Cable, Miao Lilong, an investor, Marketing Director Assistant of Smarter Energy and Marketing Director of Far East Cable, Qin Mengmeng,  Director Assistant of General Manager Work Department of Smarter Energy cable sector, Marketing Manager Du Zhanjun, Liu Zhenhai, Vice General Operations Manager of Smarter Energy’s Beijing Semeureka Electric Co., Ltd and Yang Tianlin, Vice General Manager of Semeureka"s energy saving sector visited Three Plus One Group and discussed how to deepen their business cooperation with Three Plus One Group’s Founder and Chief Architect Xie Hong, Honorary President Cai Zhengguang, CEO Huang Yuting, Board Secretary General He Zhiyuan, Executive Vice President Tang Yahui, Board Vice President Zhao Cheng and Group Vice President and Finance Director Fu Zhengping, and signed a strategic cooperation agreement.


  Scene of the Meeting


  Group Photo

  Chen Jing introduced the history, business situation and development plan of Far East. She said that the visit had helped Far East further understand Three Plus One Group’s business model and exchange their ideas on business concept and operation model, and there’s a wide cooperative space for cable, electric vehicle battery and charging station of the two companies. She said the signing of this strategic cooperation agreement had further improved the two sides’ confidence for their win-win cooperation and common development.


  Chen Jing introduced the development of Smarter Energy

  Xie Hong welcomed the leaders of Smarter Energy and said that Three Plus One Group, as a young company with unique business model, always adheres to its planning targets, forges ahead and has been widely recognized by the government and people from all walks of life. He hoped that the two companies could take the opportunity of the agreement to enhance learning and communication and keep broadening their cooperative space.


  Xie Hong at the meeting

  Three Plus One Group"s Executive Vice President Tang Yahui gave a detailed introduction to the group’s background, history, business model, current situation and future strategic plans. She said that the two companies share similarities in business and their cooperation would be broader in the future and yield mutual benefits.


  Tang Yahui introduced the development of Three Plus One Group

  Three Plus One Group"s Honorary President Cai Zhengguang said that the group following the national strategy of new energy and the development trend of sharing economy strives to create a new miracle in the new era through automobiles. With the group’s rich social resources, deep pockets and advanced platform, he hoped that the two companies could implement the agreement to achieve win-win cooperation.


  Cai Zhengguang at the meeting

  Liu Zhenhai, Vice General Operations Manager of Beijing Semeureka Electric Co., Ltd. introduced Semeureka’s core business in distribution line fault detection and its leading position in the industry with years of technology and operation experience. The company is now planning charging stations and expects to broaden the cooperation between the two sides.


  Liu Zhenhai introduced the business of Semeureka


  Chen Jing (left) and Huang Yuting (right) signed and exchanged cooperation agreement

  At last, the two sides discussed their further cooperation in new energy talent construction, fund integration, site operation and new energy automotive related products, and exchanged ideas on implementing their business cooperation in cable, electric vehicle battery and charging station.

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