Far East Composite Technology Won “Jiangsu Famous Brand”

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  According to the Notice on Completion of 2017 Jiangsu Famous Brand Application and Management Methods of Jiangsu Famous Brand, the overhead conductors composite core supported produced by Far East Composite Technology Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as “Far East Composite Technology”), after being recommended by Yixing government and reviewed by experts, have been affirmed as Jiangsu Famous Brand by Jiangsu Promotion Commission for Famous Brand Strategy. Winning the title of “Jiangsu Famous Brand” for the first time is a landmark for Far East Composite Technology.


  Famous brand strategy is important for the CPC Jiangsu Provincial Committee and the provincial government to promote good and fast economic development, and has strict requirements for applicants such as enterprise scale, product market share at home and abroad and customer satisfaction. After being awarded the title, Far East Composite Technology can use “Jiangsu Famous Brand” logo in its product package, nameplate and publicity material, which will help enhance the brand value of its cables and win trust so as to improve product competitiveness, create favorable conditions for market development, and promote the company"s growth.

  Far East Composite Technology is committed to researching, developing and producing series of products including ultra-high voltage and low-capacity carbon fiber reinforced composite core series wires, high and moderate-strength aluminum alloy conductors, heat-resisting aluminum alloy stranded conductor and aluminum conductor aluminum clad steel reinforced, and has mastered such technologies as design route, product research, production, detection , installment and laying of aluminum conductor composite core conductors. Through the technology cooperation with British and Canadian partners to develop composite products in the field of power transmission and the industrialized exploitation with Shanghai Electric Cable Research Institute and Xi"an Jiaotong University, Far East Composite Technology has fundamentally solved technological difficulties of power transmission and promoted the development of electric power in the direction of high technology and capacity, long span, long distance, safety, environmental protection and energy conservation.

  The company’s products cover more than 10 varieties with over 1,000 specifications, a maximum voltage of 1000kV and maximum cross section of 1500mm2. The products conform to China GB Standards and are widely used in electricity industry and railway. Far East Composite Technology adheres to the business philosophy of “building reputation on virtues and developing by trust” and has gained a good market reputation. Owning export license, the company sells products in countries and regions around the world.

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