Far East Cable Helps Light up China Zun

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  Currently, Far East Smarter Energy Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as “Smarter Energy”, stock code: 600869) is working on China Zun (CITIC Tower) project. Once completed, this tallest building in Beijing is expected to become another new landmark after Shanghai World Financial Center. The company has completed half of the laying of 10KV lifting cables for super high-rise buildings and is about to complete the laying of the highest Z7/Z8 areas.

  As the core power cable of the super high-rise building, Far East Cable"s 10KV lifting cables are low-smoke, halogen-free, flame retardant, fire resistant and eco-friendly. Those intelligent cables meet the power requirements of fire extinguishing system and ensure a reliable and safe power supply in high buildings while reducing the use of nonferrous metals.

  In 2008, Far East Cable developed and provided special vertical and laying cables for Shanghai World Financial Center according to its internal power requirements, marking the first application of such cables in the super high-rise building worldwide. The longest cable used in the project reached 708 meters and weighed 14 tons, hoisted to 400 odd meters above the ground. It was laid successfully in a 394m shaft without using cable tray, standing out among the global cable laying practices of super high-rise building.

  Far East obtained a patent for its vertical and laying cables for super high-rise buildings in 2005. It has formed a complete set of laying specifications, filling the gap in the industry and related field.

  On December 24, 2017, the vertical and laying cables for super high-rise buildings and lifting appliance passed the appraisal of Jiangsu Economic and Information Technology Commission owing to its world-class comprehensive performance.

  A decade later, the same cables are used in the construction of China Zun, which shows that Far East"s cable technology and innovation have once again won recognition and indicates that its excellent products are leading the major changes in the power supply mode of super high-rise buildings.

  June 2017

  Far East Cable Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as “Far East Cable”), a wholly-owned subsidiary of Smarter Energy, signed a supply contract with China Construction Industrial & Energy Engineering Co., Ltd. to provide China Zun (CITIC Tower) with lifting cable products designed for super high-rise smart buildings and system design support.

  March 2018

  Far East Cable"s first batch of vertical and laying cables for super high-rise buildings were delivered to the contractor after arriving in Beijing. The cable laying of core power was about to start.


  July 2018

  The 6100m cable laying in Z5/Z6 areas have been completed. The cable laying in Z7/Z8 areas is about to start, including the laying of 820m cables, the longest in the world. As the operation height increases, the lifting grows harder. The laying of the rest 9000m cables is expected to be completed by the end of August.

  The vertical and laying cables for super high-rise buildings that Far East Cable provided for China Zun is the fruit made by Far East R & D Team, lasting for more than a year from R & D, testing, production to delivery. The first batch of cables have been installed in Z5 area (F44-57) of the tower. Two of the cables were hoisted by specially-developed double lifting slings to ensure a tight structure, which is the first case in the world. The lifting slings designed for the special shaft structure of buildings were also shipped.

  To ensure a smooth cable laying, a professional R&D service team went to the site as soon as the cables were delivered to Beijing. They have provided professional technical trainings for the contractor and hoisting construction team of China Zun Project, including protective measures of cables, corresponding laying position of each cable, lifting schemes, and notes of laying.

  For China Zun, a second use of Far East Cable’s vertical and laying cables for super high-rise buildings, there are higher requirements on the lifting. It is required to continuously install more than 10 cables based on the 450-millimeter-wide weak current well. The team has entered the construction site in the tower for on-the-spot investigation for many times, to provide professional instruction in the placement of cables, routes of cable laying, as well as arrangement and use of lifting accessories. Far East Cable"s R&D service team will track the whole process to ensure safe and orderly installation since the cables arrived at the China Zun project site.


  Far East Cable"s R&D service team provides technical service inside China Zun

  The vertical and laying cables for super high-rise buildings, Far East Cable’s  self-owned intellectual property, have been used in such projects as the Shanghai World Financial Center and China Zun. The application has improved the power supply quality of the receiving end of super high-rise buildings, promoted the intelligent development of super high-rise buildings with its advantages, and made innovation to lead the major changes in the power supply mode of super high-rise buildings.

  With the increasing social development demand for environmental protection and energy conservation, the prospect of green architectures is paid much attention to by people. Technologies like power supply and distribution system for high-rise and super high-rise buildings, Building Integrated Photovoltaic (BIPV) and smart fire control and power supply in particular have become the wind indicator of green architecture development. Far East Cable has been focusing on R&D and service of the high-end cables used in power supply and distribution system for green buildings, which can help Smarter Energy better benefit from the tide of green architecture development and smart city construction.


  Let’s light up the new landmark in Beijing!

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