Far East Cable Supports National Railway Construction

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  Far East Smarter Energy Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as “Smarter Energy”, stock code: 600869) is committed to becoming a world leading supplier of smart energy and smart city services. Recently its wholly-owned subsidiary Far East Cable Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as “Far East Cable”) has received a letter of thanks regarding its outstanding contributions in the Huaihua-Shaoyang-Hengyang Railway project from China Railway Construction Electrification Bureau Group Co., Ltd.


  Far East offers cables with high standards and strict requirements

  It is learned that the construction of Huaihua-Shaoyang-Hengyang Railway is going smoothly. The construction of entire roadbed, bridges, tunnels and tracks has been completed as well as most stations, working areas, track laying in freight yards, cable laying and equipment installation. The static acceptance and defects treatment are proceeding steadily and orderly.

  Huaihua-Shaoyang-Hengyang Railway is a typical mountain railway with special sections and complicated track structure that passes through mountains and rivers, bridges and tunnels. The project requires high-standard cables due to the adverse climate and geographical conditions. Thus Far East Cable adopted a unique design and technology to improve the structure, manufacturing technique and equipment of its products, providing cables with high and low temperature resistance, flame retardancy, water resistance, moisture resistance and rodent resistance.

  Far East Cable has satisfied the requirements of reliability, safety and good performance. Its 10kV medium-voltage cables were delivered in advance and used in the E&M system of Huaihua-Shaoyang-Hengyang Railway. All cables had been sampled and proved qualified by domestic third-party testing organizations, showing Far East Cable’s high standard and strict requirement about its products.

  Far East offers five-star service with efficiency and quality

  The technical service team of Smarter Energy has played an active role in the delivery and implementation of the project. Their efficient work in the heat is highly recognized by the Huaihua-Shaoyang-Hengyang Railway Project Management Department.

  “Far East Cable’s team has provided us with efficient and considerate technical service during the construction and greatly facilitated the normal operation of the railway”, said the letter.

  After-sales service engineers represented by Zhao Zeng and Zhai Yelei said humbly and proudly, “It"s our duty to provide the company"s well-known national five-star service.”

  The services they provide include technical question answering, guidance, fault inquiry, line maintenance and so on, which require service engineers to have competent skills as well as a sound body. Zhao Zeng still remembers his first on-site service in the Huaihua-Shaoyang-Hengyang Railway project. He went to the construction site over 1,000km away with sheathing materials weighing 15 kilograms. His patience and work were highly praised by the construction personnel, which stimulated his pride for working at Far East Cable. Providing efficient and quality services is the accepted principle in his service team.


  Far East has been working on providing high quality technologies, products and services. Jiang Xipei, Founder, Chairman of the Board and Secretary of Party Committee of Far East Holding Group has stressed in various occasions that what matters the most are whether the technology is leading in the world, whether the product is favored by consumers, and whether the service is recognized by the market. Guided by such operation philosophy, “Far East” brand has gained increasing popularity and recognition in recent years. Its wires and cables are praise by more and more customers whose loyalty increases every year. In the future, Far East will forge ahead with its original aspiration and continue focusing on high quality development to make better achievements as well as contributions to China"s construction projects.

  Huaihua-Shaoyang-Hengyang Railway starts from Huaihua South Station in the west and ends at Hengyang East Station through 14 counties and districts in Huaihua, Shaoyang and Hengyang. A total of 16 stations will be set up along the railway. Once completed, the duration from Hengyang to Huaihua via high-speed train will be less than 2 hours. The railway will connect Beijing-Guangzhou High-speed Railway and Shanghai-Kunming High-speed Railway and complete the high-speed rail network in Hunan Province, forming a golden triangle of high-speed rails. This golden railway connecting line is expected to become the most convenient and fastest transportation route connecting the southwest and northwest China to the southeast coastal regions and the Pearl River Delta, making significant contributions to the rise of central China and the Western Development Strategy.

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