Far East Cable— Playing the Strong Tone of High Quality Development

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  Recently, Far East Cable Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as Far East Cable), the subsidiary company of Far East Smarter Energy Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as Smarter Energy, stock code: 600869) has won the honorary title of “National Quality Integrity Model Enterprise” awarded by China Association for Quality Inspection and the title of “ Quality Reliable Enterprise of Jiangsu Province” jointly awarded by Jiangsu Province Famous Brand Enterprise Promotion Agency, Jiangsu Provincial Market Quality Supervision Committee and Jiangsu Provincial Integrity Construction Publicity Activities Office.


  The Honorary Title of “ National Quality Integrity Model Enterprise”


  The Honorary Title of “ Quality Reliable Enterprise of Jiangsu Province”

  The two honorable titles have highly affirmed the product and service qualities of Far East Cable. For many years, as the model enterprise in the wires and cables industry, Far East Cable has spared no effort in quality construction and has won numerous achievements. Thus, the company has been recognized by clients, the industry, government and the public, showing significant brand influence.

  The Quality Orientation of “True Quality, a Common Future”

  Guided by the national strategy of “Quality Strengthening National Power, Brand Rejuvenating National Strength”, Far East Cable has always adhered to the core value of “Honesty and Practicality, Innovation and Excellence, Harmony and Win-Win Spirit” and the management philosophy of “Taking Quality as Its Life, Setting Brand as Its Goal”. In 2012, the company proposed “True Quality, A Common Future”, using three “True-” — “True Material, True Technology, True Service” to ensure the “True Quality”, using three “Commons” — “Common Innovation, Common Sharing and Common Developing” to realize “A Common Future”, using “Four Zeros” — “Zero Defect, Zero Complaint, Zero Fault and Zero Reworking” of service to achieve five satisfaction, namely, “Clients’ Satisfaction, Employees’ Satisfaction, Shareholders’ Satisfaction, Government’s Satisfaction and Social Satisfaction”.

  To get the “True Material”, Far East Cable has selected strategic suppliers strictly and has established strategic cooperation partnership with the top-three raw material suppliers in the industry who approve the cultural philosophy of Far East Cable. Furthermore, Far East Cable has founded the dynamic raw material track mechanism, the supplier quality evaluation mechanism and the lowliest place elimination series.

  To own “True Technology”, Far East Cable depending on the national certified enterprise technology center, the post-doctoral research center and academician expert workstation, lets high-level talents embark on practical scientific research tasks and develops the leading technical forces and research strengths in the cable industry.

  To ensure “True Service”, Far East Cable has established the marketing and after-sales service system with the largest scale and largest coverage rate in the industry. With the five elements of technology service department, the Far East Cable exclusive shop, marketing managers, electronic commerce and publicity, the company applies “Five Marketing Elements” to provide pre-sale, sale and after-sale services for clients and focuses on quality in all the processes of the products and services.

  High-Standard and Systematic Quality Management

  Based on sound ISO Quality Management System, Far East Cable has actively promoted the performance excellence model and lean management and has established “Steady Six Sigma Quality Management Mode Based on QFD and Taguchi Method”. Meanwhile, it has constructed characteristic improved energy transmission model and organically combined the top three representative quality tools in the East and West.

  The implementation of the Steady Six Sigma Quality Management Mode has gained fruitful achievements. According to statistics, the company has gained more than 300 QC improved achievements in recent three years and more than 2,000 improved clean production items It also won many external honors of QC Group and external honors of Steady Six Sigma, and gained prominent achievements in economic benefit, social benefit, management benefit, talent training, etc.

  In addition, Far East Cable has been the first company to construct the Intelligent Manufacturing MES System in the industry. The quality of product can be traced back with QR Code, automatic acquisition of process parameters and online monitoring of production. Meanwhile, it formulates “Quality Supervision” and “Bidding Client Proposal” initiated in the industry, shouldering the quality responsibilities actively and making itself the integrity example of domestic cable industry.

  Comprehensive and Three-Dimensional Quality Culture

  Jiang Xipei, Founder of the Far East Holding Group, Chairman of the Board of Directors and Secretary of the Party Committee, has repeatedly emphasized that quality is the lifeblood of the enterprise. The adherence to quality has been melted in the enterprise blood of Far East Cable, gone far to the marrow of the enterprise and become an indispensible part of its enterprise culture.

  The quality culture construction of Far East Cable is comprehensive and three-dimensional. Slogans such as “Quality Is the Essence of Competition” and “Quality Is in My Hands and Clients Are in My Heart” can be found anywhere in the factory, even the employees’ dressing room and washing room. These slogans have subtly influenced all the people of Far East Cable. The raw material and finished products of all types are exhibited in the Smarter Energy Science and Technology Museum. Various quality honors are exhibited such as “National Quality Award”, “National  Quality Reliable Products”, “National Integrity Demonstration Enterprise of Product and Service Quality”, “National Quality Leading Brand of Wire and Cable Industry” and “National Machine Building Quality Award”, showing and conveying the quality philosophy, quality culture and quality achievements to everyone coming to the museum.

  Far East Cable has fully carried out and practiced the quality development concept of “Quality First” and “Quality Strengthening the National Power” proposed in the 19th National People’s Congress of the Communist Party of China, and has responded to the call of the General Administration of Quality Supervision. It has organized quality knowledge competitions, quality lectures, the list of quality stars, quality essay soliciting competitions, quality improvement projects and other activities, established quality benchmarks, promoted typical excellent quality examples, enhanced quality awareness and conveyed quality trust.

  In the future, Far East Cable will unswervingly adhere to the enterprise mission of “Creating Value and Serving the Society”, scrupulously abide by the commitment of quality and integrity, actively practice the strategy of “Quality Strengthening National Power, Brand Rejuvenating National Strength”, continuously improve product quality and services as well as contribute to the sustainable and healthy development of the cable industry.

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