Dedication Is the Way Love with No Boundaries

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  On February 14, 2019 Annual Meeting of Far East Holding Group and 2018 “Person of the Year” Award Ceremony was held in Poly Theater in Yixing, and nearly 1,000 employees including the middle and senior managers, marketing elites and outstanding staff representatives from the group and its subsidiaries attended. The charity party themed “dedication is the way” was successfully held on that night.


  Sence of the “dedication is the way” charity party of Far East

  Zhou Dongjiao, Assistant to President of Far East Holding Group, Member of CPC Committee of the Group, and Executive Director of Far East Charitable Foundation, hosted the party and made introduction to the volunteers, voluntary activities and public welfare activities in 2018. Zhou Dongxuan said that the one who loves others would be loved and blessed. Far East is dedicated to voluntary services and charity donations and brings warmth to others by helping the disabled people in employment and self-employment, holding the summit forums, promoting education, financially aiding people in poverty, and setting up the volunteer groups.


  Zhou Dongjiao makes introduction to volunteers, voluntary activities and public welfare activities

  According to Zhou Dongjiao, focusing on helping the disabled in employment, Far East Charitable Foundation has innovated the mode of providing help, and aimed to cultivate entrepreneurs of the new era with skills, ideals and contributions to the society, and widely respected. It has been centered on the education for talents and strictly followed Regulations on the Implementation of Far East Education Award Fund to elevate the level of education in the hometown. It has aimed to alleviate poverty to bring the light of hope, spread the idea of love, and help those in need. It has taken the responsibility for combating the quake and carrying out relief work and constantly made donations to people in the disaster area and help them rebuild the hometown. With the opportunities from “the Internet + charity”, it has integrated the resources of charitable shops, involved all members and facilitated mass entrepreneurship.

  Attendees watched the videos such as “Being a Great Volunteer” and “Make the World Beautiful with My Contributions” produced by Beijing Zhiliangzhi Courtyard at the party. Zang Zhuo, General Manager of Siyang Branch of Far East Cable Co., Ltd., and Lin Songyuan, Marketing Manager of Development and Service Department of Smarter Energy cable industry, shared their experience in the voluntary activities as representatives of Far East in the Zhiliangzhi Eyas Program.


  Zang Zhuo shares his views

  Zang Zhuo shared the experience of Far East’s volunteer group at Dajue Temple in Yixing. He said that the society and the times call for “dedication, friendship, mutual assistance and progress”. Volunteers embodied the greatest value by doing small things. Ordinary people were also charming in their own way by making dedication in obscurity. That was what was amazing about the volunteers. That was integrity and conscience!


  Lin Songyuan shares his views

  Lin Songyuan said that no matter how the times change, the spirit of dedication would always shine upon the society and inspire people to work hard. It was the selfless dedication of the volunteers that made our city a better place and our life more harmonious and happier.

  Helping the disabled constitutes a key component of Far East’s philanthropy and an important means to spread love. Aspiring to “teach one to fish instead of feeding him with fish”, Far East indeed has helped the disabled by encouraging them and imparting to them knowledge, technology and good ideas. Kong Xisheng, Chairman of Changzhou Huabiao Agricultural Technology Co., Ltd. and Vice President of Changzhou Entrepreneurship Association for Aiding the Disabled, Pan Guoping, an owner representative at the demonstration site of Far East for aiding the disabled, and Dai Guohong, the 100m breaststroke champion at the National Swimming Championship for the Disabled, made speeches to share their opinions.


  Kong Xisheng shares his views

  Kong Xisheng, a former employee at Far East and now a representative of the disabled entrepreneurs, said that he has always been proud of Far East. “I will always remember what Far East Cable has taught me.” Kong Xisheng has experienced several ups and downs in life since he became disabled as a child due to polio. Far East lent a hand to him when he was in trouble. “Although I have left Far East and started my own business for ten years, I am still proud of once being a member of Far East.” He hired 19 disabled people in 2018. He promised that “I will carry forward the spirit of Far East Cable, fulfill his duties, properly manage the team, instruct more disabled in employment and self-employment, and help them create value and serve the society. Only by doing so can I live up to the expectation from Far East Cable and the government!”


  Pan Guoping shares his views

  Pan Guoping is the owner of a supermarket and lottery shop in Xinjie Street. He said that he has lived a more fulfilled life and realized his dream since he got the help from Far East in 2017. “As a person with physical disability, I cannot do manual labor. I can make money by engaging in e-commerce without leaving home or making physical efforts.” He attended the training course on e-commerce and entrepreneurship, and could thus support himself with these skills he learnt.


  Dai Guohong shares his views

  Dai Guohong, who lost his legs in the Wenchuan earthquake, has never given up his hopes for life. He learnt to swim and won 9 gold, 4 silver and 3 bronze medals at the National Swimming Championship for the Disabled. He was greatly awed when he made the acquaintance with members of Far East at the first Forum for Entrepreneurship, Innovation, and Creating Excellence, Wealth and Welfare in Beijing in 2016. He said that he had suffered, but became strong and brave as people rescued him from despair. “Life is a wonderful process. Tribulations enable us to learn to fight and be brave, and do more meaningful and valuable things in this limited life. Our life will be eventually educated and guided by life itself. This is the most profound lesson for me,” said Dai Guohong.

  At the event themed “my support to public welfare”, people from Far East made donations by raising paddles or scanning the QR code. The senior management such as Zhang Xilan, Vice Chairman of the Board, Executive Deputy Secretary of Party Committee, Chief Executive Officer, and Jiang Chengzhi, Member of the Board, Deputy Secretary of Party Committee, Chairman of Far East Smarter Energy Co., Ltd., took the lead in making donations. More than a million yuan of donations were collected at the event.



  Attendees are donating by raising paddles


  Donations are collected


  Ren Xiujuan (middle) makes a speech

  Ren Xiujuan, General Manager of Shanghai Shangyuan Cable Sales Co., Ltd., said that charity was not just about financial aid, but about words, actions, and love. Love made Far East an excellent company that brought warmth, power and guidance to all those in need.


  Qiao Tonglei (middle) makes a speech

  Qiao Tonglei, Head of Far East Material Trading Center Co., Ltd. and General Manager  of Shenzhen Jufeng Commercial Factoring Co., Ltd., said that he first job in Far East was at Far East Charitable Foundation and the company indeed has been dedicating itself to charities.

  At the party, the disabled people from Wuxi Public Welfare Institution for Embroidery performed stitch work and dancing. Representatives of Far East’s Relay 100 staged a recitation performance.


  The disabled people from Wuxi Public Welfare Institution for Embroidery perform stitch work and dancing


  Far East’s “Relay 100” recitation

  During its thirty-four years of development, Far East has always adhered to the common development of the industrial, educational and charitable causes, earnestly fulfilled social responsibilities, brought to others loves and warmth, and strived to be a good example for Chinese enterprises.

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