The Far East, the Leading Explorer and Advocator of 5G

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The Far East, the Leading Explorer and Advocator of 5G

5G (5th generation mobile networks) Has Come

Mr. Rahim, a professor at 5G Innovate and Research Center of United Kingdom Surrey University, said in an interview of BBC: "If you think that 5G means that the applications are no longer delayed, that the videos are not stuck, and that the network overload no longer exists, you may be partly correct. The story is not limited to those facts. 5G networks will be a huge renovation in the field of wireless resource, as well as a practice of coordination and unification. In the future, in the framework of 5G networks, the modern conceptions like smart city, remote surgery, self-driving car and the Internet of Things will gradually become reality."

In recent years, 5G has been a hot topic within the communication industry and academic community. Far East Holding Group Co., Ltd., which has always been at the forefront of the industry, has also extended its tentacles to 5G technology. Far East Smarter Energy Co., Ltd. (referred to as “FESE”, stock code: 600869), a subsidiary of Far East Holding Group Co., Ltd., has been making use of, as well as driving the development of the mobile Internet by the integration of manufacture, research and study. It is advancing to the goal of being the world’s leading service provider of smarter energy and smart city. Amid the emergence and development of 5G technology, Far East Holding Group Co., Ltd. also has begun to participate thoroughly according to an all-round planning.

Leading the Industry, Smart Grid Field Has Made a Great Achievement

The development of 5G has aroused wide attention in the industry. In July 2018, the report “5G Smart Grid” was released, which elaborated the trend and challenges of the development of smart grid, indicating that it is imperative for 5G to be fully applied in the field of smart grid. Smart grid, as a new generation of power system, features supermatic, highly interactive and other characteristics. It applies digital information technology and automatic control technology to realize the two-way exchange of information in all links from power generation to electricity consumption, and systematically optimize the production, transmission and use of electricity.

As a leading Wire and Cable enterprise in China, FESE has made outstanding achievements in the field of smart grid. Over the years, FESE has extensively participated in the large and medium-sized projects of the state grid, and is an important supplier of ultra-high voltage of the state grid, continuously promoting the continuous development of China's electric power construction towards the direction of intelligence and interconnection.

Meanwhile, FESE has been actively carrying out the strategic layout on Ubiquitous Power Internet of Things. With the advanced R&D and manufacturing level of the intelligent distribution network and intelligent transmission network products, FESE has an absolute advantage in the fault detection, power grid inspection, and intelligent monitoring after integrating the new technology.

Relying on technological innovation, FESE will deeply participate in the application of 5G in smart grid, and always maintain the leading position in the industry.

A New Business is Expanding in the Intelligent Cable Field

Low latency, mass terminal connections and other characteristics of 5G all meet the requirements of the Internet of Things scenarios, providing a broader space for the development of “Internet of Things”. At the same time, the development of the Internet of Things has greatly stimulated the development of big data.

In 2018, FESE made the very first step and achieved the strategic cooperation with enterprises that focused on communication and data service and the system solutions of energy storage in “阿里巴巴 Data Center” and other projects. This strategic layout of data center service was based on the prediction of 5G development trend and conforms to the trend of the Times.

In addition, the Far East actively expanded its business of big data center and assisted several large-scale projects, including China Mobile(Jinan) Data Center and provincial-level data centers, ensuring the safety of North China and East China data centers, to accumulate rich experience and lay a solid foundation for entering the 5G business.

Becoming the Leading Explorer and Researcher of the Lithium Battery Field

With the high-speed development of the 5G, self-driving car is becoming the main trend of the Internet of Vehicles. However, one question to consider is the power consumption of the 5G.

On one hand, alternative fuel vehicle will become one of the future trends. On the other hand, one problem to face is how to achieve the power consumption balance between 5G and the power storage capacity of the automobile.

Being the leading cooperative of MnNiCo ternary Lithium battery (Model No.18650), FESE aims to improve the power capacity and the service, moreover, FESE has been following the up-to-date technical trends of Lithium battery. 2018, FESE imported two sets of product line equipment of Lithium battery (Model No.21700), mainly from Korea and Japan. Meanwhile, FESE is planning to invest RMB1.8billion to the R&D project of the (square-shaped) Lithium storage battery with high energy capacity and density, along with four imported square cell product lines.

Lithium Battery Factory

There will be an increasing need of the battery energy storage system due to the power consumption issue of 5G and the establishment of 5G base stations. Thus, to better solve the problem of the consumption of 5G, FESE will continue to explore its core project “the copper foils for high-capacity Lithium ion batteries,” which aims to fulfil the increasing capacity need of new smart energy batteries.

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