Sowing the Seed of Far East for New Dreams-Press Conference of "The Best Intern Challenge" of Far East Cable Held

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    The autumn is coming. In Yixing, the beginning of autumn comes with good weather and pleasant landscape. On August 8, the press conference of "This is Far East--The Best Intern Challenge" was held, marking the conclusion of the 1st "The Best Intern Challenge" in summer of Far East Cable. Ren Hao, Section Chief of the Personnel Department of Yixing Human Resources and Social Security Bureau, and Xu Yuanting, Secretary of Youth League Committee of the College of Polymer Science and Engineering, were invited to attend the press conference. Other attendees included: Jiang Chengzhi, Deputy Secretary and Director of Far East Holding Group Co., Ltd. and Chairman of Far East Smarter Energy Co., Ltd., ("Smarter Energy" for short, stock code: 600869), Zhuang Taiwei, CAO of the Group and Executive President of Far East University, Zhou Dongjiao, an investor and senior consultant and Executive Director of Far East Charitable Foundation, Wang Xiaoqiang, a member of the Group"s Party Committee and an investor and Senior Director of Smarter Energy and Deputy General Manager of Far East Cable, Tao Cunshu, an investor and General Manager of the Human Resources Center of Smarter Energy and Senior Director of cable industry, Zheng Sijun, an investor and Senior Director of the Power Department of Cable Industry Equipment of Smarter Energy, Kong Qunling, an investor and responsible person of the Party Workers, Mass and League Department of the Group, and Zhang Gaoyong, Deputy Director of the Group"s Operation Center. Zhang Hongjian, an investor and Deputy Director of Smarter Energy"s Human Resources Department of Cable Industry, presided over the meeting.


  Jiang Chengzhi delivers a speech

  At the press conference, Jiang Chengzhi fully recognized the activity and hoped that more such activities can be launched to reach to more students. He noted that young students are the stars of the future and in the ever-changing information era, the future lies in the hands of youth. For industrial field, intelligent manufacturing enterprises point to the trend of future development. Jiang Chengzhi stressed that ambitious young people will embrace enormous opportunities in the future, and he hoped to see the interns at present join in Far East in the future.







  Student representatives share their learning results

  After the news conference started, One Piece team, Oxygen team, Berry team, Dongri Battle team, Yuanhang team, and Saoqi Small Battle team played wonderful videos and PPTs, showing their understanding of Far East corporate culture, three undertakings, their results and thoughts, and prospect of the future. Interns of different teams recorded the activity during the past week with videos or photos, and produced them into wonderful short films. The representatives giving presentations were all confident, humorous, balanced, or lively, showing the spiritual outlook of young people in the new age.

  The short films and PPTs were the crystallization of their fond memories and fruits in the past week. They all found the activity quite rewarding.


  Comments of Zhou Dongjiao

  Talking about what were shared by the interns, Zhou Dongjiao said that they all performed excellently during the past week, and what they have shared showed their originality and diligence; she hoped them remember that direction, learning capacity, EQ, and insight are more important than method, diploma, IQ, and knowledge; she wished them a better future.


  Section Chief Ren Hao delivers a speech

  In his speech, Section Chief Ren Hao spoke highly of the activity. He said that such an activity enabled them to feel the culture and local customs of Yixing, and has brought talents to Far East and Yixing, a practice worth being spread.


  Secretary of Youth League Committee Xu Yuanting delivers a speech

  Secretary Xu Yuanting expressed his appreciation to Far East and sent blessings to interns; he hoped them take advantage of the Challenge to plan their career and realize their dreams.

  Guests present certificates to interns




  Then the host announced that the 6th Far East Relay 100 Campus Recruitment was launched, and publicized the lists of successful candidates and campus ambassadors of the 6th Far East Relay 100. After interview, rating review, and other assessments, 15 interns will obtain offers and become the members of the 6th Far East Relay 100, and 12 interns will become "campus ambassadors" of Far East. In the future, they will join Far East or become the evangelists of Far East spirit. They will continue to engage with Far East through various means and give life to the concept "A handshake with Far East means friendship forever" with tangible practices.


  Style show of teams

  Later, the host announced the results of the Challenge, with Dongri Battle team emerging as the champion. During the past week, 36 interns worked hard to give outstanding performance. Passionate and confident, they are bound to spread the seeds of Far East into the hearts of more people.

  The reporter learned that the activity was the first of its kind in the industry, which fully showcased the strength of Far East in employer brand shaping and brand activity planning, gathering wide attention from all circles. During the proceedings of the activity, the page views of the employment networks of colleges and universities recorded 22,000 times, together with over 10,000 times of forwarding, nearly 1 million page views of Weibo, and the comments of many netizens. Besides, the activity was covered by a number of news agencies.


  Jiang Xipei is interviewed by media

  Jiang Xipei, founder, Chairman of the Board of Directors and Secretary of the Party Committee of Far East Holding Group, was interviewed by China Industry & Information Technology, China Industry News, Netease, LinkedIn and other media agencies. Jiang Xipei stressed that Far East knows well that for an enterprise to develop itself, it has to rely on talents; that means not only local talents of certain single fields, but global talents in diverse fields. In order to secure more outstanding talents, Far East has shifted from "recruiting" to "hunting". It has put in place a career partnership system to build a strong pool of talents. During its 34 years of development, Far East has shaped its own brand in the process of "hunting, using, nurturing, retaining, and obsoleting employees", carving out a unique road of talent introduction.


  Jiang Chengzhi is interviewed by media

  When interviewed by media, Jiang Chengzhi said that it is difficult to find high-end talents, a challenge has to be tackled by all enterprises. Considering the bigger environment of recruitment, an enterprise has to pay more attention to long-term planning in hunting talents. Far East attaches greater importance to the hunting and nurturing of core talents. Currently, the quit rate of Far East is maintained at around 10%. The coming decades will be a golden period for China"s industries, when a host of manufacturing enterprises will come to the fore, making talents in this field all the more valuable. Far East wants to tell more talents that it offers exciting platform for their development. Over the years, Far East has worked to hunt talents with both integrity and strong performance via various kinds of assessment. What"s more, Far East advocates a "family" culture, making employees having no worries in their work and life.


  Zhuang Taiwei is interviewed by media

  When interviewed by media, Zhuang Taiwei noted that Far East has made hard efforts in introducing talents and reaped marked results. Following the principle of "Respecting people, nurturing people, and making them successful", Far East has founded an enterprise university and Far East Zhiliangzhi Courtyard. Judging from the shaping of the best employer brand, Far East has formed a systematic training and nurturing mechanism. As Far East is pursuing a new undertaking, Zhuang Taiwei hoped more talents will be nurtured to contribute more to the company"s development.


  Tao Cunshu is interviewed by media

  When interviewed, Tao Cunshu noted that the activity served as a channel to make more students learn about Far East and its talent concept. To bring in more talents, Far East launched the Relay 100 in 2014. Each year, hundreds of students from key universities would join Far East through the program. It has also nurtured a cohort of outstanding talents through university-enterprise cooperation.




  Intern representatives are interviewed by media

  In addition, student representatives of different teams were also interviewed by media. They all expressed their appreciation to Far East for offering such a chance to learn knowledge and improve their capacity. They hoped to join Far East as employees in the future.

  For years, Far East has been committed to establishing an enabling environment for employees and a platform for talents to realize their value. The company works to meet employees" demands for learning and development, pays attention to their rights and interests, and makes sustained efforts to unearth their potential for a win-win scenario. As a result, it has been titled as "The Best Employer Enterprise in China" for many consecutive years. With the launch of the activity, more talents will get to know Far East and its talent strategy. In this way, the company will become the best employer for many people. Going forward, Far East will continue its sustainable development path in bringing in talents, seeking to reach to more fields to shape a talent strategy with its own features.


  Group Photo

  Today, "The Best Intern Challenge" concluded; tomorrow, interns will depart with Far East spirit and spread it where they will go. They are expected to give life to the spirit and embark on a new journey of life. See you on the same day in next year in Far East.

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