Far East: a leading player in building smart city

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  Amid booming economy and advancing science and technology, ultrahigh-rise buildings are constantly emerging, changing the economic structure and landscape of cities. They even become a symbol of the rise of a country, a nation, and a city. China's super high-rise buildings started late, but has been developing rapidly. According to relevant research reports, by 2020, the number of super high-rise buildings over 250 meters in the world will reach 464, more than 90% located in mainland of China.

  As the main power for ultrahigh-rise buildings, electricity needs to be supplied and distributed in a safe and reliable way. That remains an longstanding technological challenge to engineering construction industry. Massive floorage, enormous layers, long supply distance and cable length that any ultrahigh-rise building features are what make ever greater demands on electric cables. If an electric system is the heart of a building, electric cables are the main arteries.

  As a domestic leading player in cable and wire industry, Far East is committed to the R&D of high-end electric supply and distribution products and related-services used for green buildings, as its top priority. By doing so, Far East is set to drive the development of green buildings and smart cities to achieve the level of greater safety, better environment-friendliness,and higher efficiency.

  Far East’s technology driving industry reform

  With its patented “suspension cable"technology acquired as early as in 2005, Far East now boosts a sound, complete cable laying protocol that is focused on how to make high-rise buildings greener and safer. It has made a great difference in  overall green building safety in china by offering excellent systematic solutions. Among its many achievements, the self-developed suspension cables of median rated voltage for ultrahigh-rise buildings has enabled the load centre power supply a reality,a revolutionary breakthrough in the industry.

  Being arguably the first nation-wide proprietary manufacturer of suspension cables and its laying operator, Far East facilitated the building of the Shanghai World Financial Center with a cutting-edge 10kv suspension cables custom-made upon the requirements of the building’s interior power supply design in 2008.

  The suspension cables have stood the tests through trail and error and proved to be a perfect alternative for traditional ones attributing to enhanced current carrying capacity achieved by its greater anti-straining ability. The longest one in service from the far east is about 708 meters in length and 14 tons in weight.

  It is arguably the first time ever in the world that suspension cables have been successfully deployed throughout the whole building of such height.

  A world record again

  After 10 years of safe operation of the Shanghai World Financial Center Building, Far East provided intelligent high-rise Zhongguozun with  suspension cable products and solutions. In this project, Far East designed a 10kV suspension cable for super high-rise buildings and a specialized connecting sling for the special shaft structure of the building.

  In addition to adapting to the installation environment of small-area cable wells and reliable overall tensile strength, the product also has first-class fire resistance. Under flame burning conditions, it can remain working within specified time, ensuring normal operation of passage lighting, emergent broadcast, fire alarm, automatic fire protection facilities and other emergent equipment. During the fire, with the characteristics of low smoke release and low toxicity of combustion, it can provide safe and reliable power supply for the building, with obvious economic and social benefits.

  In the entire Zhongguozun project, Far East provided 24 high-voltage suspension cables in total, amount to 15,132 meters. Total weight was up to 136.38 tons. Among them, Far East arranged cables were as long as 820 meters, a length very rare even in entire world.

  Far East has been dedicated to design, research, production, sales and service of intelligent cable products in the construction field. The suspension cables under 35kV designed for super high-rise buildings breaks the monopoly of foreign technology.

  Meanwhile, Far East actively takes part in drafting group standards  in the area of green building. Two group standards were in the charge of Far East, namely Cables and Slings for Suspension in Ultrahigh-rises and Soft Fireproofing Cables under 0.6/1kV Rated Voltage, promoting the relevant products’ extensive usage.

  At present, China’s power cable industry is gaining momentum.Far East optimizes the industry structure by a strategy focuses on high-quality,integration and internationalization. With patented cable products as specialties, Far East makes a deep dive in the wire and cable market in a professional, refined and distinguished manner and its utmost goal is becoming the industry champion of strong management,technology and brand influence.

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