3.0 Innovation Strategy :Far East’s Distinguish Brand Building Road

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  In September, Far East Holding Group Co.,Ltd was on the list of 2019 “Asian Brands Top 500”, ranked 154th with RMB73.566 billion's brand value.

  “Made in China 2025” initiative brought unprecedented opportunities to Chinese manufacture industry, with increasing Chinese businesses going global. Chinese brands receive extensive attention and made-in-China merchandise shakes off the stereotype of being low quality.The top 500 brands award that Far East has won reflects its hidden strategy.

  Relying on products and expending brand effect.

  Far East has taken the advantage of “Made in China 2025” initiative and carried out product and technology upgrade by real efforts. On the one hand, It has not only strengthened the plan in the field of smart grid, clean energy, intelligent traffic, new energy car and green building, but also involved in many key national engineering construction projects. On the other hand, Far East has been developing the foreign market and has partners across six continents. The brand has impressed the public as a convincing made-in-China and a heartwarming guarantee of every households’ everyday life and welfare.

  Relying on the brand positioning and expending brand value.

  For years, Far East’s brand building group has launched the brand strategy 3.0 of “high quality, better professionalism and first rate” and put it into practice in a systematic manner. The brand made the way into people’s heart through trans-boundary transmission of new age, featuring better consumer stickiness, greater target group and more effective propaganda of depth and breadth.

  Relying on the platform and expending brand content. The rapid development of the mobile Internet has opened up new channels for brand communication. Far East has seized the development opportunities in the media age and vigorously promoted the innovation of the brand communication system. So far, it has established a media coverage including Weblog, WeChat, Tiktok, Today's Headlines, overseas social media, official websites, etc. Outside China, TV broadcasting, internet and paper media are used to deliver brand value in a more vivid, humanistic and friendly way, and successfully create a diversified and all-round communication system. That helps Far East, a leading old industrial brand sparkle in the new era.

  Relying on campaigns and rebuilding brand image.

  As the manufacturing sector is seeking upgrade, and a business' identity needs new definition. Based on thorough analysis of the sector, Far East plans to redefine its identity by strong brand building in an attempt to revitalize national manufacturing industry. With "Far East Advanced Intern Challenge" successfully concluded in August, our outstanding brand-building endeavor has achieved fruitful results. Our business values "Quality, Professionalism, Value, Affinity" that was redefined by our efforts has set a good example for competitors to follow.

  We are set to be committed to brand-building 3.0 innovative strategy in making "Far East" a world-wide identity of great value and massive public recognition, and achieving the goal of realizing the brand value of RMB100 billions

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