Far East: A Company of “Harmony” and “Flexibility”, A Brand with an International Vision

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  “Human beings thrive by dreams, and companies prosper by culture”. Corporate culture is the soul of an enterprise and a sustainable driving force for its development. Only when an enterprise has its own culture, can it have the vitality of life, the foundation for survival, development, prosperity and services that benefit the whole society.

  With regard to corporate culture, Jiang Xipei, founder, chairman and party secretary of Far East Holding Group Co., with foresight and insight, has persisted in innovation and development since the founding of Far East in 1985. Based on 34 years of entrepreneurial practice and problems summary, he has created the core and essence of Far East’s corporate culture - “harmony” and “flexibility”, with the corporate spirit of “the continuous pursuit of excellence”, with the core value of “being customer-oriented, focusing on those with excellent performance, and sticking to dreams, passion, honesty, pragmatism, innovation, self-criticism, and win-win spirits”, and with the corporate concept of “building and sharing a safe, green, and beautiful life”.

  “Harmony” and “flexibility” that builds a harmonious Far East

  “Harmony” is the value, which means harmony, cooperation, and balance; "flexibility" is the methodology, which represents resilience, changes, and adaptation. The Far East's cultural system of “harmony” and “flexibility” not only contains the essence of Chinese tradition, but also includes the international civilizations. It is the foundation of the future success and development of Far East. With the transformation and continuous development of Far East, “harmony” and “flexibility” is also spreading and being innovated.

  As for inheritance, Jiang Xipei believes that "inheritance is a topic that never changes, and the long-term development of an enterprise cannot be sustainable without passing from generation to generation." In order to realize the implementation and inheritance of the culture of “harmony” and “flexibility”, Far East University regularly organizes training courses of corporate culture, especially for newly recruited employees to spread the knowledge of the management system, to empower the company with deeper values by three steps of knowledge accumulation, knowledge management, and knowledge output. In addition, Far East also launches different forms of corporate cultural events every year, such as the recent Far East Day, the Far East Speech Contest, and the 2019 Far East Lecture to be launched in December. Under various measures, the Far East culture has gained popular support.

  In terms of innovation, after recent years of development, Far East has entered a brand new stage of development. The new era, new situation, and new conditions must be accompanied by new developments and new heights, with characteristics and meanings of the new age. In 2017, Far East introduced the extension of innate knowledge, requiring all members to learn Wang Yangming’s philosophy, promoting the company to break through developmental bottlenecks by traditional culture, and assisting employees to improve their spiritual quality and develop spiritual treasures.

  “We need to love ourselves. We must understand the power of culture to promote entrepreneurship, innovation, excellence, wealth and well-being, and establish more rules”, Jiang Xipei said, “the spread of the Far East culture has provided all employees with a common philosophy and pursuit, and increased cohesion unprecedentedly among them, so that Far East has an orderly working environment, a beautiful living atmosphere, and a harmonious ambience. "

  “Harmony” and “flexibility” that provides a sustainable driving force

  “One year’s business depends on luck; ten years’ business depends on management; and one hundred years’ business depends on culture.” Today, the top competition in an enterprise is no longer the competition of people, capital, and goods, but the competition of culture. A first-class corporate culture can forge a first-class core competitiveness, and a first-class core competitiveness can create a first-class enterprise. Jiang Xipei pointed out that in an enterprise such as Far East with complex interests and complicated internal and external backgrounds, maintaining harmonious and balanced relationships is the foundation of corporate stability. Therefore, it is critical to make constant adjustment, seize golden opportunities, and give flexible reactions for further development of the enterprise.

  The culture of “harmony” and “flexibility” emphasizes conformity, win-win, resilience, and changeability. Under the influence of such corporate culture, Far East has undergone five restructurings and six leaps. The institutional advancement and continuous innovation has enabled Far East to quickly accomplish its initial funding, capital expansion, and scale extension, and realize major asset reorganization, which has opened up more opportunities for Far East, and successfully transformed it from an instrument factory in Fandao, Yixing to a top 500 enterprise in China, and ultimately an outstanding private enterprise from numerous competitors.

  Culture promotes business, and cultural innovation not only promotes system innovation, but also promotes management innovation and technology innovation of products. Many outstanding innovations have emerged in the recent competition of innovation cases. Only in this way could Far East lead the industry and promote industrial upgrade to the high end. Today, Far East has an annual operating income of nearly 50 billion yuan, a brand value of 73.566 billion yuan, and more than 10,000 employees. It has formed five business sections of comprehensive energy services, smart cable products and services, smart airport/energy system services, smart vehicle power and energy storage system and the industrial Internet.

  Far East adheres to cultural leadership as an important focus for strengthening the development of corporate value, forming a distinctive “harmonious” and “flexible” culture, which has become a strong driving force for corporate development. In the next thirty years, countless new opportunities and new challenges will approach, bringing deepening marketization, legalization, and globalization. In the future, Far East will continue to advance with the times and follow the trend to expand the meaning of “harmony” and “flexibility”, continue to promote the corporate culture, take an active role, and take off on the road to its second prosperity.

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