Far East Takes Actions to Overcome Coronavirus

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At the beginning of 2020, Chinese people faced a huge challenge: the outbreak of a new-type coronavirus caused pneumonia across the country. As an industry leader, Far East always fulfill its social responsibilities. In this case, we made our best contribution to the fight against the virus. The whole nation was combating the "epidemic" with strong unity, and Far East joined the “battle” the first time it happened. In order to support the construction of emergency hospitals and ensure product supply at the frontline, people in the government, enterprises, banks and everyone in Far East who worked hard on their own positions have joined hands to help prevent and control the epidemic and resume production.

Marching Together to Support Epidemic Prevention and Control in infected Areas

Despite of the mercilessness of the virus, there was love and care among people. In the anti-virus movement, Far East actively assumed social responsibilities and went to the frontline as soon as the epidemic broke out. With the goal of "fully ensuring the supply of materials required for the War of Resistance against Coronavirus", Far East's marketing, production, and product deployment lines put in extra hours to provide a large number of cable products for the Wuhan Huo Shen Mountain, Lei Shen Mountain, the temporary medical isolation section of the Fifth People's Hospital of Suzhou, the Xi'an Epidemic Prevention Hospital and many other places across the country. Far East offered "excellent products and services" to support energy supply for the epidemic prevention and control project.

At the same time, Far East Holding Group and Far East Charitable Foundation donated 2,000 protection suits worth 500,000 yuan and 10,000 KN95 masks which were badly needed by the frontline to the Health Committee of Yixing through the Yixing Red Cross Association. All the goods were sent to support the prevention and control of pneumonia in Yixing, bringing safety and peace to the frontline medical staff who dedicated themselves to the battle. In addition, Far East also opened a fund-raising channel through Far East Charitable Foundation, launching a wide range of fund-raising activities, calling on Far East people and people from all walks of life to make greater contributions to the prevention and control of the virus, and to deliver more love to Wuhan people and people across the country.

Striving Forward by Implementing a New Working Model

In order to strengthen the prevention and control of the coronavirus, to effectively reduce the gathering of people, to block the spread of the epidemic, and to better protect everyone's life and health, Far East actively met the requirements of epidemic prevention and control by issuing orders at an early time, asking each branch / department / plant to start remote working.

With the new model of online remote working, people in Far East quickly adjusted their working conditions, summarized experience, and analyzed gains and losses to consolidate the foundation for the realization of the strategic goals of 2020; they decomposed the goals and deployed the work to ensure sound achievement when carried out; they clarified the tasks and refined measures to pursue strategic objectives with powerful actions; they kept learning and mastering skills, and accumulated knowledge for future work. The Far Easterners will closely follow the annual plans, implement the annual campaigns and major projects one by one, and promote the orderly operation of business while fighting the coronavirus.

Great Unity among the Government, Banks and Enterprises

Facing the huge challenges brought by the new coronavirus to the development of enterprises, the Yixing government put forward relevant policy support and cooperated sincerely with local banks and enterprises to overcome difficulties. On the one hand, the Yixing government adhered to the construction of a strong industrial city as the principal task to promote stable and sound economic development. On the other hand, it adhered to the goal of improving financial services and maintaining the continuous optimization of the financial ecosystem; also, it stuck to the main direction of promoting bank-enterprise interaction and the financial services spanning the real economy, further optimizing the evaluation mechanism in banking institutions, strengthening the application of the value of achievements, and building more favorable service platforms for bank-enterprise cooperation, so that to promote the mutual advancement of bank operations and enterprise development.

In this “battle” against the coronavirus, the banking institutions that have established long-term strategic partnerships with Far East actively responded to the government's demand, and when knowing Far East’s current situation of epidemic prevention and control as well as operation conditions and financial needs, offered special loans to support the construction projects of Far East in the epidemic prevention and control battle. Together, Far East will endeavor with its financial partners and banks to contribute more to the common fight against the coronavirus, showing strong responsibilities and accountabilities of Chinese enterprises!

Adjusting Business Strategies for Future Development

Although the coronavirus brought many troubles to the company's operation and sales, Far East quickly adjusted its business strategies and strengthened its promotion of online product sales on platforms such as Tmall, JD.com, 阿里巴巴, and Mmbao to ensure that customers indoor can also make inquiries and purchase cable products online.

At the same time, Far East will also expand its industry, optimize and refine the distributor system, and give priority to promoting cooperation with national-chain retailers of building materials, hardware stores, electrical products providers and other brand companies to enrich sales outlets and cover the market comprehensively; Far East pursues the “top” tier as its goal, keeps customer-oriented, problem-oriented, results-oriented with quick response, required actions, and works together to achieve objectives.

Overcome difficulties and strive forward! In the new year, Far East will brave the wind and waves, seize opportunities and time, and fight hard against the virus. At the moment of the epidemic, with firm conviction, Far East will work by joint prevention and control, unification, scientific precautions, and precise measures to win the battle. Far East is confident to win the market share and the future with "excellent products and services"!

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