Zong Zhiliang, a "Marketing Veteran's Experience: An Old Steed in the Stable Still Aspires to Gallop a Thousand li, Old People May Still Cherish High Aspirations

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Behind one beam of light, one light and one room of warmness are the brightness and warmness delivered by Far East. Over 2000 marketing elites have been building a "wide and robust" bridge for us.

He was a depressed, unemployed worker twenty years ago; with nothing, he entered the market of Jianghuai area. After twenty years, he has become the marketing elite continuously for years by paying numerous efforts to obtain a different life.

No one may think of this marketing elite was a laid-off worker who encountered the reform of the state-owned enterprises twenty years ago.

The Hard Days of a Laid-off Worker

In 2001, Zong Zhiliang was laid off after the reform of Yixing Commercial Machine Factory. At the age of 40, he faced the hard challenges of unemployment and family financial support.

Zong Zhiliang soon started his job of water and electricity installation after self-adjustment for a living. He ran through every corner of Yixing in the winds and rain. Among many cable products for the water and electricity installation he knew in the market, Far East gains many customers' trust with a great market reputation which is also recognized by Zong Zhiliang deeply.

During this period, Zong Zhiliang started to have a better understanding of Far East as a local enterprise. Far East is one of the typical representative enterprises that expand at a large scale. Zong Zhiliang met the new opportunity under the circumstance of the reform.

New Start of the "Marketing Veteran"

In 2002, Zong Zhiliang became a member of Far East with the hope of starting a new life journey at the age of 40. He became a customer manager of Anhui region, carrying the essential responsibility of market expansion with other marketing staffs.

However, no one would expect that no order was received due to the regional barrier of cable products during their first year in Anhui, according to Zong Zhilaing's memory.

With his strong confidence in the quality and brand influence of Far East, there is no point of return for Zong Zhiliang. He says "I would never think about giving up, I must succeed in Anhui."

In the spring of 2004, Zong Zhiliang got the chance to join the bidding of the local power supply bureau, which was the knocking brick of the local market.

Chances are always ready for people with preparation. After one year's market research and relationship maintenance, Far East won the bid successfully based on its excellent product quality and market reputation, and of course, also with Zong Zhiliang's sufficient preparation. He received the first order in Anhui in the amount of more than three million. Zong Zhiliang's "glory times" at Far East officially began.

An Honest Person's Philosophy: the Market is An Adventure

"Clients are friends" has the main principle for Zong Zhiliang. He has applied the "ultimate products and service" of Far East to all projects.

Zong Zhiliang has been following the most up-to-date trend of the market, and the demand of clients with trustable product quality to win the market and potential clients.

Far East cable products have been applied to several office reconstruction projects like Anhui Technology University and the State Grid Anhui Electric Power Co., Ltd. Zong Zhiliang also participated in numerous residential projects. 

In the past 20 years, Zong Zhiliang and his team have made a significant contribution to the market expansion of Anhui region.

Until now, Zong Zhiliang still stays on his post. Anhui market has so many potentials; Far East cable will lighten up every household in the future.

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